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Invited to speak on panel at Berkeley Center for Law and Technology

Dr. Caine has been invited to speak on a panel discussing the ways technology is affecting regulation “by design” in the privacy context at the “Technology: Transforming the Regulatory Endeavor” conference.  The conference is hosted by the Berkeley Center for Law and Technology, is organized by Deirdre Mulligan, Kenneth Bamberger and Dan Farber, and will be held on March 3rd, 2011 in the Booth Auditorium at Boalt Hall School of Law in Berkeley, California.

Awarded grant to develop new frameworks to understand privacy

Dr. Caine has been named a PI on an NSF grant titled, “Developing Frameworks to Address Issues in Privacy”.

The project is organized by the I3P with the goal of understanding elements of privacy from a multi-disciplinary perspective to generate frameworks to permit new ways of assessing privacy in context.

Other members of the project team include Sy Goodman (Georgia Tech), Denise Anthony (Dartmouth), Alessandro Acquisti (CMU), Deirdre Mulligan (Berkeley), and Apu Kapadia & Minaxi Gupta (IU).

Invited to attend workshop on Protecting Privacy in Health Research

Last week Dr. Caine attended a workshop on Protecting Privacy in Health Research in Washington, DC.

The goal of this workshop was to address critical issues in protecting privacy in health research.

Results from the workshop may be found on the PPHR website.

DigiSwitch named best Security & Privacy paper at ACM IHI

The paper DigiSwitch: Design and Evaluation of a Device for OlderAdults to Preserve Privacy While Monitoring Health at Home was named as the best data management, privacy, security, and confidentiality paper at ACM IHI and was also nominated for the best overall paper.

Poster presentation to VIPs at mHealth

Dr. Caine presented a poster titled: Case Study on Privacy Issues Surrounding the Remote Monitoring of Older Adults at Home at the 2010 mHealth summit in Washington, DC.

The goal of the mHealth summit is to explore ways mobile technology can increase the access, quality and efficiency of healthcare to millions of families in communities in the U.S. and around the globe.

Kelly presented the poster, co-authored by  L. Jean Camp, Kay Connelly, Lesa Lorenzen-Huber and Kalpana Shankar, to members of the mHealth community including a special session with VIP attendees including Bill Gates.

Presentation at ACM IHI

Dr. Caine will give a presentation on DigiSwitch: Design and Evaluation of a Device for OlderAdults to Preserve Privacy While Monitoring Health at Home at the ACM conference on Health Informatics this Friday, November 12th at 8am.

The talk will be part of a session on “Data Management, Privacy, Security, and Confidentiality“. For those attending the conference, the talk will be held in Rappahanock/Roanoke.


This week Dr. Caine attended the workshop on Security and Privacy in Medical and Home Care Settings.

The workshop sought to bring together researchers from multiple disciplines to understand the unique security and privacy risks associated with medical and home-care systems.

Dr. Caine also served on the program committee for SPIMACS 2010.