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Cited in Article about Innovative Approach to Cybersecurity Education

Dr. Caine was cited in an article on the shortage of cybersecurity workers in the US published in The Chronicle of Higher Education.

“Among the institutions that are shifting to a more comprehensive notion of cybersecurity is Clemson University. Its Humans and Technology Lab conducts research aimed at making automated systems better reflect the ways people actually behave, with protections designed accordingly. Recent projects include studying how patients use electronic health records and exploring the risks to privacy posed by wearable devices.

Nationwide, colleges have a long way to go to incorporate that kind of broad approach into their educational and research agendas, says Kelly Caine, an associate professor of human-centered computing at Clemson, who heads the lab.”

Cited in Washington Post

Dr. Caine was cited in an article on the right to be forgotten vs. free speech published in today’s issue of the Washington Post.

She said, “without the ability to escape personal histories, ‘there’s no rebirth. There’s no starting over.'”


Paper accepted at ACM IHI

Dr. Caine’s paper, “DigiSwitch: Design and Evaluation of a Device for Older Adults to Preserve Privacy While Monitoring Health at Home” has been accepted for publication at the ACM International Health Informatics Conference to be held in Washington, DC in November, 2010.

The acceptance rate for this conference was 17%.

Cited in New York Times

Dr. Caine was cited in the article Technologies Help Adult Children Monitor Aging Parents published in today’s issue of the New York Times.

The article, written by Hilary Stout, provides an overview of a variety of technologies designed to help adult children who have aging parents stay in touch and connected.